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Marketing Support

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  • Make More Money ‚Äď With our Best Contractor Support Program.
  • ¬† Personalized video with your company name.

Reason # 1 – Extended Technical Support Hours.

Reason # 2 1-800 Priority Phone Number For Warranty Parts Any Day of The Week. Even Weekends & Holidays!

Reason # 3Direct Connect ‚Äď Remote Support In Real Time. (see video below).

Reason # 4Local Hands-On Training (Award-Winning Training Center). Voted #1 Training Class!

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Reason # 6Hassel Free Tier Labor Policy.

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Wall Hung Boilers

Just Another Wall Hung Boiler….. Not Exactly!

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  • Fire Tube Heat Exchanger

    Boiler Water Travels Easily Through The Boiler ‚Äď No Tight Passages!

  • Forward Facing Components.

    Allows for Quick & Easy Servicing.
    Sight Glass – Visually See The Flame.
    30,000 Volt Transformer.
    Cad Cell Eye – For Superior Flame Detection.
    Condensate Trap (No Priming Required).
    Comes with built in Low Water Cut Off.

  • Control Board

    Coated Circuit Board (Avoids shorts from moisture)
    Fused Protected.
    Built In Gas ‚ÄúSniffer‚ÄĚ

  • Combi Heat Exchanger
    Old Fashion Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger.
    1/2″ Stainless Steel Coil – Less Chance of The Coils getting clogged. The Heat Exchanger
    Holds < 1 gallon of water – Eliminates ‚ÄúSandwiching‚ÄĚ Effect.
  • Other Features
    10:1 Turndown
    10-Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger.
    5 Years Warranty on All Parts
    Field Convertible To Propane.
    Rebates Available From Con Ed & National Grid

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Floor Boilers

Best Of LI
    • Same Features As Wall The Hung Boiler¬† +
    • Primary Secondary Piping Not Required:
      For Replacement Boilers….No need for re-piping! The old boiler comes out, new boiler slides in! Saves Time / Saves Money!
    • Does Not Use a 3-Way Valve for switching between DHW and Heating.
    • Large Cabinent with Forward-Facing Components. Easy Front Panel Access,¬†for knuckle-friendly maintenance.¬†
    • Top connections for Heating, Plumbing, Gas, and Venting Connections.
    • One size boiler (199,000 Btus) Comes In Either Combi or Heating Only.
    • Domestic Recirc Port– Combi Boilers Only.
    • Holiday Switch –¬† For Yom-Tov use – Combi Boilers Only. Complies with all “Halachic” Requirements For The Holiday Yom-Tov.¬† For more info:¬†¬†Holiday-Switch-Info
    • Other Features:
      10:1 Turndown
      Adjustable Legs For Uneven Floor Installations.
      Designed For Quick Replacement of the Endurance Boilers!

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Tankless Water Heaters

Best Of LI
    • Up To 5.1 GPM @ 77¬į F.¬†Temperature Rise
    • Re-Circ Model – with built-in pump
    • Set hot water up to 180F for commercial applications.
    • Large Cabinet with Forward-Facing Components.¬†
    • 11:1 turn down¬†
    • Vent up to 150.’
    • 15-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty!
    • 5 Years on all parts!¬†
    • Other Features:
  • Cascade up to 16 tankless water heaters.
  • Factory Racking System.

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FT Commercial Boilers

Best Of LI

High Performance Heating

    • Stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger
    • 10:1 turndown (399); 7.5:1 turndown (301)
    • 95%+ thermal efficiency
    • Low NOx emissions
    • Two independent heating curves
Flexible System Integration
    • Cascade up to 4 boilers
    • BMS compatible
    • High and low temperature zone control
    • DHW Smart Priority
    • Able to control boiler, DHW, and zone pumps
Versatile Installation Options
    • PVC, CPVC, SS, or PP venting materials
    • 3″ vent and air pipe lengths up to 65 equivalent feet (each)
    • 4″ vent and air pipe lengths up to 150 equivalent feet (each)
    • Options for floor or wall-mounted
    • Includes propane conversion kit

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