Energy Expo 2022

Thank You For Attending Our 2022 Energy Expo

At The Empire State Building

We received a follow up email from our friend Nandini Persuad of NYC DOB (who spoke briefly at the onset of our presentation).  She wanted to share some information with the group.  Thank you very much Nandini! 

Please see below.

“A few questions came up from the group about new laws coming up NYC energy code. I was wondering if you could pass it along”.

Regarding the new electrification requirement info can be found in the presentation Emily made in the past, slide #6-7 PowerPoint Presentation (, can be found on the city website

Also, questions on Local Law 97 could be answered by

Someone had a question on the new energy code and when it was coming out if it will have hot water heater pump efficiency requirements, Emily has informed me it will be out in the next month or so (December).

I didn’t know if it would incorporate the size unit being presented. Below is the current code which depended on the amp and volt size.

Presentation Downloads

Armstrong Residential

Peter Wolf – Armstrong Pumps


Chuck O’Donnell – Laars

Troy Harvey – Passive Logic