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Wythe Hotel


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Brooklyn, NY


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Ettinger Engineers

Located in the youthful Williamsburg neighborhood on the Brooklyn’s waterfront, in a beautifully refurbished old factory, the newly renovated 8-story, 72-room Wythe Hotel preserves the old wood beams and brickwork, has large airy rooms with tons of light with the most breathtaking views of Manhattan you’ll ever see. Room designs are simple but charming: custom-made local wallpaper, vintage mirrors, locally handcrafted beds, and radiant heated concrete floors. This feature became part of a package of attractive, eco-friendly hotel benefits, noticed by the many NY area critiques spreading word of the hotel opening. “While the concrete floors may look industrial, heating elements ensure that your toes are cozy when walking around barefoot.” writes James Thorne in CoolHunting.com/Travel.

Rathe Associates was contracted by consulting engineer Ettinger Engineering to help with the design and install of the building’s radiant floor heating system. Each of the 72 rooms has an access panel with a Caleffi Z-one™ zone valve and a QuickSetter™ 132 series balancing valve. The ½” sized QuickSetters are used to properly balance the hot water which circulates through the radiant tubing installed in the concrete floor. Don recommended QuickSetter™ valves to balance the system without requiring a balancing contractor. “With its ‘set it and forget it’ feature, we balanced all 72 rooms in only one day where traditional balancing would have taken us three or four days”. In addition, future adjustments and maintenance are much easier utilizing the QuickSetter’s features as compared to the traditional methods using pressure ports and complicated instrumentation to measure the flow, adjusting, and re-reading the flow rates, for room circuits.