Wilbur - Quealy Halls

Molloy College

Molloy College (Wilbur-Quealy Halls)


Upgrade Old Inefficient Heating Plant


Wilbur-Quealy Halls


Install Hi-Efficient Boiler

2017 Molloy needed to update the boilers and domestic water heaters in Wilbur-Quealy Halls. They serviced both the school of arts and the athletic center.

The original boilers date back to the late 1950s with a 1,000-gallon storage tank for domestic hot water requirements.  Their old heating system was not only inefficient but in need of serious repairs.

They upgraded their aging system to state-of-the-art Laars Hi-Efficiency Boilers that produce heat and domestic hot water.

The 1,000-gallon storage tank was replaced by 2-TurboMax T-109 semi-instantaneous indirect water heaters.