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Afternoon Class

tekmar Factory Training
Afternoon Class

Thursday, October 5th | Evening Class | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Factory Training

Scott Anderson – tekmar’s technical director will be at Rathe Associates Training Center October 5th 2023.

Scott will go through design, applications and technical training on 3 of tekmar’s most popular controls. 

Product Training

Smart Boiler Staging Control

Connect & control all your boilers with one app anytime, anywhere!

This is tekmar’s latest Boiler Staging Controller


  • The benefits to having a smart & connected boiler system
  • How to make installation & setups smooth and simple
  • How to interface with optional tekmarNet & boiler Modbus communications

Snow Melting Controls

Answers to all your snow melting questions!


    • How and why snow melting is installed and common applications
    • How the snow sensors operate to reduce operational cost
    • How to zone a snow melt system
    • How to use the smart & connected features

Invita WiFi Thermostat

Only 2 Wires --- No C-wire? --- No problem!
The Invita WiFi Thermostat Only Requires 2-wires!
It’s easy to install --- for every installation ---


  • How to retrofit a WiFi thermostat and avoid pulling new wires
  • How to use the WattsHome mobile app
  • How Invita provides notification of leaking hot water tanks

Additional Information:

Class starts at 8:30 am and runs through Noon.
Lite Break & Lunch will be served.

Scott Anderson - tekmar's Technical Manager

Scott Anderson has over 40 years of field experience in designing snow melt systems, control applications, and troubleshooting.  Whatever the application, Scott has seen it, done it, or solved the problem!

Scott is considered an industry expert in designing & troubleshooting equipment and systems.

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