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tekmar 294 Smart Boiler Control

Wednesday, March 6th | Morning Class | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Smart Boiler Control 294 provides central and indirect domestic or volume domestic hot water heating by operating up to four boilers. This can be expanded in groups of four boilers through expansion controls up to a maximum of sixteen boilers. 

The 294 operates condensing and non-condensing boilers that are either modulating, single, two, three or four-stage to provide a flexible, cost-effective hybrid boiler plant solution. 

  • The Watts OnSite web and mobile applications provide real-time remote monitoring.
  • You can make setting adjustments remotely.
  • Instant alerts & notifications by email, text, or via phone.
  • Monitor multiple buildings from one platform.


  • Controls up to 16 Boilers
  • Remotely adjust boiler setting and view real-time boiler operations with mobile app.
  • Instant alerts via phone, text or email.
  • Works with any boiler.
  • Boiler Set Up Wizzard – Quick set up for most boilers.

Course Training:

  • Hands-On Wiring
  • Programming
  • Tech Tips

Additional Information:

Class starts at 9:00 am and runs through 12:00 pm.
Lite Breakfast will be server.

Michael Callahan - Heating Specialists

Mike Callahan has over 40 years of field experience in designing snow melt systems, control applications, and troubleshooting.  Whatever the application, Mike has seen it, done it, or solved the problem!

Mike is considered an industry expert in designing & troubleshooting equipment and systems.

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