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Commercial Laars – Pennant – MightyTherm II – Neotherm

Wednesday, June 15th | Morning Class | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Understanding Piping Principles.
Live Simulators with the Laars Linc Controls.(Laars Linc is now standard on the Pennant, Omnitherms and MangnaTherm Boilers). 

  • Pennant Boilers & Mightytherm II
  • Non-Condensing overview, trouble shooting, servicing tips and combustion set up.


Outcome of Training

Steve Moruzzi:
Has been with Laars for over 15 years and started off as a regional service manager. In 2018 Steve became the National Training Manager for Laars traveling around the country and has trained over 1,200 contractors from advance piping systems to how to commission boilers, trouble shoot boilers and properly set the equipment to get maximum efficiency.

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