The latest products from Rathe Associates


Reliable supply through long-lasting materials

Energy and water ‚Äď the world demands unlimited capacity with constant, high-quality availability. From hygienic drinking water to indoor climate control, our mechanical and plumbing systems are used worldwide in housing, commercial buildings and infrastructure to ensure reliable and efficient supply. With durable materials, REHAU delivers solutions that make everyday living safer, healthier and more comfortable.


RAUPEX¬ģ¬†UV shield pipe

RAUPEX PEXa pipe with a best-in-class 12-month UV shield protection is the smart alternative to copper and other polymer piping materials.

RAUPEX provides proven durability while saving money on both materials and installation. It is flexible to navigate around crowded mechanical chases during construction.  RAUPEX also maintains excellent long-term flow performance by resisting scale. 



REHAU EVERLOC+¬ģ has stood behind plumbing contractors since 2017. Now, our proprietary compression-sleeve fitting line is growing to help you stay on schedule, ace tricky installations and avoid rework in even more projects. Whether your forte is residential, mixed use or multifamily construction, choose new¬†EVERLOC+ CPVC and copper press adapters, multi-port tees¬†and¬†polymer fittings¬†to reinforce the reliability of your plumbing systems.


Minimize energy loss with INSULPEX¬ģ

Specially designed for the efficient transfer of hot or chilled fluid through buried pipelines, REHAU pre-insulated PEXa piping is ideal for hydronic distribution in heating, cooling, industrial, agricultural, geothermal, and snow and ice melting applications as well as in process and hydronic piping systems. 

Flexible pre-insulated PEXa piping

  • INSULPEX is an ideal hydronic distribution pipe. It consists of¬†PEXa¬†O2¬†Barrier pipe¬†surrounded by foam insulation and a durable corrugated PE outer jacket.
  • Available in one- and two-pipe configurations from sizes 25 to 140 mm, coils up to 1,640 ft.
  • The two-pipe configuration combines supply and return pipes to streamline installation.


Achieves the highest heat output among panel systems:

  • 50%¬†higher heat output can satisfy demands of colder regions¬†
  • 270¬į contact between pipe and highly conductive aluminum panel delivers quick response, making nighttime setback feasible
  • Built-in air pocket and wide contact surface¬†efficiently directs heat upward
  • Lower fluid temperature requirements uniquely qualify RAUPANEL to work with low temperature¬†radiant heating¬†and¬†geoexchange¬†systems
  • Choice of 6 or 8 in. on-center spacing yields precise pipe layouts


Competes head-to-head with traditional panel systems: 

  • 5% higher heat output edges out competitive plywood panels
  • Choice of double groove or single groove panels simplify planning and installation
  • Plywood panels with aluminum heat transfer sheet install using typical construction jobsite tools
  • 1/2 in. low profile panels minimize adjustments in retrofit projects
  • Lower material costs make radiant affordable on a wider range of projects


Double-channel heat transfer plates for joist space applications save time, reduce effort and improve heat transfer efficiency. 

  • Double plate covers more area
  • Pipes snap easily and firmly into grooves without tools
  • Plates are easy to cut to length
  • Plates are more efficient at transferring heat to the floor above


Designed specifically to firmly grip the RAUPEX SPEED mat or iBoard, RAUPEX SPEED pipe is an 1/2 in. O2 barrier pipe with a hook-and-loop wrap. RAUPEX O2 barrier pipe provides an extra layer of protection with its co-extruded ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) oxygen diffusion barrier, which limits oxygen permeability.