Holiday Switch


Laars FT Combi Floor Boilers is Approved for Yom-Tov use.

This combi boiler complies with all “Halachic” Requirements For The Holiday Yom-Tov.

Normal Operating Mode......

  1. The floor standing FTCF199 condensing combi gas boiler consists of a stainless-steel fire tube heat exchanger equipped with a high turn-down NG or LP combustion system and system controller. The built-in boiler pump circulates water between the boiler heat exchanger and the built-in low loss header/mini-tank during a space heating call and provides heat to this mini-tank which has a submerged coil for domestic hot water (DHW) heating.
  2. During regular operation, the combi-boiler uses its built-in flow sensor for burner and boiler pump activation for DHW production. A set of T-T contacts activate the burner, boiler pump and system pump for space heating.
  3. The boiler provides heat for DHW and space heating simultaneously; if the DHW load is large, the boiler automatically prioritizes DHW and briefly interrupt space heating. This unique functionality is fully adjustable in the field.
  4. The boiler is designed to be a “drop-in” replacement for any existing gas boiler with all water and gas connections at the top and easy access to all internal components with 3 side access panels and sleek design.
  5. The FTCF model can operate in the Holiday Switch Mode (Yom Toy) and has received formal Rabbinic approval.

Holiday Mode......

  1. The DHW flow sensor is no longer used for control purposes, yet actual DHW flow can still be displayed.
  2. The built-in boiler pump operates continually during Holiday Mode and circulates water between boiler heat exchanger and internal low loss header/mini-tank equipped with the DHW coil for DHW and space heating.
  3. The system automatically exercises the burner every 10 minutes after its most recent shutdown provided the boiler water temperature is less than 180 F. If the boiler water temperature falls below 140 F, the system automatically fires the burner and reheats the boiler water back to 180
  4. The mini-tank maintains its temperature between 140 F and 180 F and DHW is automatically available at all times.
  5. The pre-ignition purge time has been extended to 8 seconds prior to onset of ignition spark.
  6. If the H-T/T switch is not manually opened after 100 hours, the boiler resumes regular operation automatically.

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