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Estee Lauder
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Concept Air

Estee Lauder - Fusion Piping

Concept Air was challenged to install a 300′ condenser water 6″ pipe in 3 days across a 25′  high ceiling. And had to be done between 10 pm and 6 am.

Even though the project was initially specified using steel pipe, Concept Air went back to both the owner and engineer to switch to Aquatechniq Fusion Piping. 

Fusion piping allowed Concept Air to put in place 300′ of piping which allowed them to meet their deadline with the ease and light weight of this product.

Lou Garivito & Ken Resnick from Rathe Associates worked alongside Concept Air to ensure everything was installed correctly.

Interesting to note this was the first time that Concept Air used fusion piping.

The benefit to Estee Lauder, by using Aquatechniq Fusion Pipe, they were able to meet their critical deadline, comes with a 30-year warranty and a $30 Million Dollar Insurance policy should the product ever fail. You would never see this with steel piping!