Monroe's Restaurant

Westbury, NY



Westbury, NY


Heating System

Monroe's Family Restaurant

Monroe’s is a casual, family-friendly dining experience inspired by the legendary career of film actress Marilyn Monroe. Monroe’s is located on Post Ave in the heart of Westbury and offers an eclectic mix of American classics and continental cuisines.

 At Monroe’s, you’ll come for the welcoming atmosphere and elegant decor and stay for the exquisite flavors and friendly company.

This historic building was built in the early 1900s. During the transformation to Monroe’s Restaurant, the owners decided to use Laar’s high-efficiency wall-hung heating system to maximize comfort, space and keep heating costs to a minimum.

Other Equipment Used:

  • Laars Boiler
  • tekmar Control
  • Armstrong ECM Pumps
  • Caleffi Air / Dirt / Balancing Valves