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An un-insulated foundation and slab can result in a large heat loss from an otherwise tightly sealed, well-insulated home.

Insul-Tarp prevents heat loss to the ground by creating a thermal break between the slab and the soil below.

Also acting as a vapor barrier, Insul-Tarp prevents moisture from migrating through the slab and into the structure.

Under Slab Insulation

  • Engineered for Concrete

    Durable, cross-woven, extrusion coated polyethylene protects Insul-Tarp’s interior insulating materials from damage on the jobsite and allows for longevity beneath the slab. The closed-cell foam, high-density bubble pack and patented reflective technology combine to create this one-of-a-kind configuration.

    Roll Sizes

      6′ x 25′
    12′ x 25′
      6′ x 50′
    12′ x 50′

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